Maskne! It’s Real

With masks looking to stick around for the foreseeable future, consistent skincare and skin health is the best treatment for maskne.

Dr Tina Meder – founder and CEO of Meder Beauty Science approaches skincare like this…… ‘My approach is to look at the skin as an ecosystem consisting of human cells and billions of live microorganisms and develop skincare which is good for the skin and our micro friends.

Instead of burning the skin into a wasteland with no bacteria left standing, I propose to moisturise and establish a comfortable living for the skins micro biome, relying on its ability to synthesise everything your skin needs to remain healthy.

The growing number of sensitive skin sufferers in the western world stem from too aggressive skincare.

Probiotics and probiotics, plant extracts, peptides affecting the cell receptors and the skins immune system, constant control of inflammatory and renewal processes – all of this doesn’t require spending a fortune in futile attempts to stop and turn back time.

If your skin needs a reboot – dm me for a complimentary skin consult and personalised skincare regime.