Best New Skincare Product Award

Circa-Night Named the Best New Skincare Product!

Best New Skin Product award goes to Circa-Night, the first ever biohacking night cream mimicking 8 hours of healthy sleep!

Meder are immensely proud to announce that Marie Claire chose Circa-Night over many worthy contenders in the Best New Skin Product category. For an independent brand like us to receive an award of this calibre is almost unprecedented.

(Oh wait, we already hold Marie Claire’s Prix d’Excellence 2020 for Vita-Long)

According to their statement, Marie Claire’s annual Skin Awards was “created to recognise the best skin products in the market and celebrate brands acting sustainably and ethically”.

The judges this year were Marie Claire team joined by a panel of experts in skin care, including dermatologists, facialists, doctors, journalists, sustainability champions and beauty experts who tested all the products and chose the best in each category.

Circa-Night won the award for best new product — and that’s not all. Red-Apax Concentrate was highly commended for the treatment of rosacea!

Launched in 2021, Circa-Night Cream is the first ever biohacking night cream that can mimic 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation won’t go away, unfortunately, but your face doesn’t have to show it. Circa-Night contains probiotics and latest metabiotics able to recharge tired skin and trick it into having restorative rest at night — even if you don’t. Soy proteins, shea butter and vitamin B5 restore healthy collagen synthesis and keep the skin firm and hydrated with bright complexion.

You can look fresh and rested even when things are tough

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